My Spontaneous Decision (Part 1)

So I woke up last night, in the middle of the night, and decided that I was going to start a blog…

I don’t really know what the go is with this website yet, or who will read my posts, but I’ll get the hang of it 😉

So anyway, how did I get here? and why? – P.S. I have no experience writing anything, it’s been a long time since school…

After waking up in the cold, because my large dog (his name’s Nacho, he’s in the picture at the bottom), decided he would steal the blankets, I was thinking about the journey I have taken since about a year ago when I returned from traveling.

After my travels, I found myself breaking off an engagement and awoken into a new world of being single and re-assessing my goals in life. When you are engaged in your 20’s, you think your life is set, you’ll get married, have kids, work and this is what almost everyone I know does. Not sure if that’s supposed to make you happy and complete, or it’s just what you are told to do by today’s society. But what I came to realize is, just because everyone else follows a similar life path, it doesn’t mean that its the right thing to do, or what you have to do.

Now in my new life, a late 20’s single male, living alone with joint custody of an enormous dog, I look around at my life, and other peoples lives, and think “what the fuck do I do now?”.

So anyway… I have some shit to do and it’s Sunday evening, so I’ll come back to my journey later and I’ll get to the how, why and where we are going later, possibly later tonight (I’m new to this blogging thing, but I already find it pretty fucking relaxing for my mind).



“Snore… Snore… Fartttttt…” — Nacho (Every Single Day)